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Patio in a back yard with built-in stone fire pit, half-circle stone bench and patio chairs

Outdoor Fireplaces & Fire Pits in Maryland, DC & Northern VA

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outdoor fireplace and stone patio

If you love spending time outside, an outdoor fireplace or fire pit is exactly what you need to make your backyard the ultimate space for entertaining and spending time with your family and friends.

Whether you prefer a modest look with a fire pit and a couple of chairs or you want your outdoor fireplace to be part of your full-blown outdoor kitchen, Four Seasons Landscaping is the answer for your vision (check out our outdoor kitchen portfolio and see for yourself). View our outdoor fireplace gallery to see a variety of our projects!

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Outdoor Fireplaces vs. Fire Pits

sunken stone outdoor firepit in Silver SPring, MD, with a stone paver patio

Before you decide which feature is best for your backyard, you should understand the basic differences between outdoor fireplaces and fire pits to make the right choice for your home.

An outdoor fireplace will look much like the fireplace in your home — complete with a hearth and chimney. Grand and stunning in appearance, fireplaces make a more dramatic statement in your yard. A fire pit is usually an open structure that can be round, square, or any other shape you prefer. The top of a fire pit is open to the air, making it perfect for gathering around and roasting marshmallows.

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Materials for Outdoor Fireplaces & Fire Pits

stone firepit with a retaining wall around it and a paver patio in bethesda, md

You can build an outdoor fireplace or fire pit with almost any material you can imagine, including:

  • Stone Stone (slate, limestone, granite, etc.) is beautiful and versatile, and it complements essentially every style of home.
  • Brick  Brick is a classic material that will never be outdated and is simple to maintain.
  • Cast ironCast iron is extremely durable and perfect for rustic settings.

Cast iron is one of the most common materials used for fire pits, but we’ve also built many full fireplaces (some more than 10 feet tall!) made of brick or stone. Each material has its own advantages, so your choice depends on the look you want!

The material you choose for your outdoor fireplace or fire pit will depend on your desired structure, size, design, and budget. Have a smaller backyard? A fire pit is probably for you. Want to make an impression on your guests? Go with an elaborate outdoor fireplace instead.

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Outdoor Fireplace & Fire Pit Installation in Montgomery County

outdoor fireplace in Maryland

Though a fireplace or fire pit is great along with an outdoor kitchen, you don’t need a full kitchen to have a large outdoor fireplace.

An outdoor fireplace is a perfect addition to your patio if you simply enjoy sitting outside year-round, especially in the cooler months. Whatever your preferred look may be, your new outdoor fireplace or fire pit will bring your backyard to the next level!

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Outdoor Fireplace FAQs

Is my outdoor fireplace or fire pit safe?

As long as you follow a few basic rules of safety when using a fire pit or outdoor fireplace, it is completely safe. First and foremost, don’t use flammable fluids like gasoline or lighter fluid with your fire pit unless you’re using one specifically designed to do so. Don’t wear flammable or drapey clothing while you’re using a fire pit, and don’t let children or pets get close to it. You should also have a way to put the fire out quickly at hand; a hose, a fire extinguisher, or even a bucket of water will help if something lights that shouldn’t be lit.

Do I need a lot of space for a fire pit or fireplace?

In addition to the size of the pit or fireplace itself, which can be as small as 3 feet wide, you want a decent amount of empty space around the outer edges of it so you can fit furniture nearby and have space to move around the fire without getting too close. If you can manage, 7 feet from the edge of the fire pit would be ideal.

Can I use my fire pit year-round?

As long as you properly cover and protect your fire pit from the elements, it should be safe throughout the year. Of course, if conditions turn particularly dry for whatever reason, you might want to reconsider using your fire pit for safety reasons, but this is a pretty rare risk to encounter in this part of the country.

Do I need to clean my outdoor fireplace/fire pit?

You will want to clean your fire pit or outdoor fireplace at least occasionally, just to keep the buildup of ash and debris from getting too excessive. You’ll want to defer to the manufacturer or tips specific to your type of fire pit or outdoor fireplace for the specifics of how to clean it, as a safe and effective cleaning process can vary between types.

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