Outdoor Lighting

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Your landscape just isn’t complete with outdoor lighting. The right landscape lighting not only increases security and safety in your yard, but adds ambience and highlights your beautiful landscape design.

For a landscape design that flows, it’s crucial to install just the right outdoor lighting, and that’s where the specialists at Four Seasons Landscaping come in. We will evaluate your landscape design and with your vision come up with a seamless plan to highlight and accentuate your yard. Contact us today to get started on your landscape lighting project.

Types of Landscape and Outdoor Lighting

landscape lighting on a walkway
There are certain types of outdoor lighting that are more popular in the Maryland and Washington, DC areas. Typically, there are two types of outdoor lighting and landscape lighting; uplighting and downlighting. Uplighting is when the beam of light shines upwards, and downlighting is where the beam of light shines down. Some of the more sought-after landscape lighting designs include:

Pool and hot tub lighting – Typically installed either in-ground in the pool patio or underwater, this landscape lighting adds ambience and a subtle glow to your outdoor festivities.

Security lighting – This type of outdoor lighting come in the form of floodlights or other downlighting, and can be programmed with motion sensors.

Tree lighting – Tree lighting can be a mixture of uplighting and downlighting, either for security purposes or to highlight landscape architecture.

Ground lighting – This uplighting is installed in the ground, either to light up pathways or add a soft glow to your yard.

Walkway lighting – This type of outdoor lighting can either be installed in-ground, or in above-ground lighting.

Lanterns – For an old-world or whimsical charm, add lanterns around your property. These can be motion sensored or manual.

Feature lighting – Feature lighting is lighting that highlights one landscaping feature, either flowers, trees, statues, or water features.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

At Four Seasons, we work to make sure your landscape lighting integrates smoothly with the rest of your yard’s landscape design, highlighting key landscape elements such as trees and shrubs as well as walkways. Keep your home landscaping well-lit in the evenings using optimal low-voltage lighting that is energy efficient and draws attention to the beauty of your home and property. Aside from just making your property stand out in the neighborhood, outdoor lighting also helps make sure you and your visitors can navigate your property in the evenings with ease and eliminate those dark shadowy parts of your property.

And don’t forget the deck and porch lighting! Four Seasons can design deck and porch lighting schemes that flow seamlessly with the rest of your outdoor lighting and landscaping design. Do you want recessed deck lighting that is hardly noticeable during the day? How about post deck lighting, as much of a decoration as a lighting source? Whatever type of deck lighting you choose, Four Seasons can design it to maximize the amount of light you get in your backyard.


Durability and Beauty For Your Outdoor Lighting

We are specialists in low-voltage outdoor lighting and how to install outdoor lighting that accentuates your property in the evenings, while remaining virtually unnoticed during the day. All of our lighting fixtures are very durable and made of solid bronze, and we have lots of attractive styles to choose from that will not only enhance the design of your yard but add convenience and efficiency!

For the design and installation of outdoor lighting in Maryland, contact Four Seasons today!

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