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pool landscaping ideas in Rockville, MDIf you really want your inground pool to complete your summer, make sure it’s landscaped! A pool deck or patio can really complete your home’s overall landscape design and bring your yard to the next level! Flowers, shrubbery, and other greenery can transform a plain pool into a relaxing oasis you’ll never want to leave. If your pool area design doesn’t include landscaping, then it’s not finished!

Pool Landscaping Ideas for DC/MD/VA

patio with pool landscaping in rockvilleIf you’re like any homeowner on Pinterest, you’ve got enough pool landscaping ideas to make your head spin. Or maybe you’re the opposite, with no idea whatsoever how to transform your dull pool area into a hub for summer fun.

The first thing you need to consider to narrow down your pool ideas is to understand our climate. Tropical plants won’t fare well here, so your dream of lounging next to a garden of tropical flowers may have to go unless you want to replant them year after year.

After you consider the climate, take your soil and property into consideration. Is there a lot of shade? No shade? Do you have sandy soil?

After you’ve figured out those important details, the sky is the limit! If you already have a rough sketch of the design, our landscape designers can help bring it to life.  Here are some ideas to get you started and give you some inspiration:

pool ideas - landscaping

pool landscaping with rocksOne pool landscape design we completed used pool jets and low-maintenance aggregate with a dark finish to give the pool area a lagoon look. We also installed low-voltage landscape lighting around the pool.

Above Ground and Inground Pool Landscaping

Four Seasons landscaping is proud to offer both above-ground and inground pool landscaping. A pool standing in the middle of your yard isn’t that easy on the eye, so we go the extra mile for you to create a paradise with our above ground pool landscaping.

Water splashing over the side of the pool can turn the ground into a muddy mess, so it’s important to pick landscaping that features well-draining material like stones of river rocks. There are hundreds of different types of stones and pebbles to choose from, so we will work with you to choose material that fits in with your dream design. A big mistake lots of do-it-yourself landscapers make is planting shrubs and flowers too close to the pool.  We plant the most attractive shrubs and flowers at the right distance from the pool to help ensure no plants will grow roots underneath it.

Pool Landscaping Plants

The right plants can turn your pool area into a relaxing oasis. Choosing vividly colored flowers and small perennials in your pool landscape design can add the color you want without the mess that overhanging trees can leave.  Picking plants that won’t drop seeds or leaves into your pool is necessary to keep your pool area clean and inviting, and low-maintenance plants are great if you don’t have a green thumb. Some good plants to incorporate in your pool landscaping design include:

  • Queen Palm Tree
  • Papyrus
  • Hibiscus
  • Daylily
  • Heavenly Bamboo
  • Golden Euonymus
  • Ornamental Sweet Potato Vine
  • Creeping Jenny

Pool Landscape Design in Maryland, DC & Virginia

It doesn’t matter what your pool area landscape design needs are—Four Seasons will meet them and exceed your expectations. We use only the best materials to ensure the highest quality outcome for every pool refurbishing project.

Contact us today to learn more about our pool landscape design services or if you’re ready to begin your project!

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