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Does Your Pool Need a Facelift? Use These Pool Refurbishing Ideas for Inspiration!

The weather is getting warmer, which means it’s time to start thinking about refurbishing your pool patio or pool deck. You may have broken tiles from falling tree debris or missing pavers that disappeared during the rough winter weather. Whatever the case, it’s that time of year when you probably need to give your pool a facelift.

When you’re thinking of refurbishing your pool area, there are a few things you want to consider. Do you want an entirely different pool landscape? Or do you just want your paver patio to be refinished so it looks brand new? The amount of damage your pool area suffered during the winter should give you some indication of what your needs are.

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Pool Refurbishing Ideas

There are a few ways you can give your pool a facelift without gutting the whole thing and starting from scratch. Some things you can do include:

Investing in new softscaping around the perimeter of your pool. Planting new plants and flowers is an immediate pick-me-up for any pool area. You can add an arbor for a whimsical feel or exotic bamboo or palms to give you an ultimate escape. Adding larger shrubs gives you more privacy and adds an intimate feel to your pool area.

Adding a paver pool patio or walkways. Even if you have the most beautiful plants, a pool can look less-than-impressive if it’s surrounded by pitted stones of flat concrete. Up the ante by installing pavers, which are hard blocks that are paved together to form a smooth outdoor surface. They come in fixed sizes and shapes, and fit tightly together in order to make patterns. Even adding a paver walkway can give your pool area a more polished look.

Installing synthetic turf. Synthetic turf is a great option for those who want the look and feel of soft grass around their pool. Because it’s water-resistant, there are no puddles to slip in, which is great for families with small children running around. Synthetic turf is also ideal for homeowners who want a low-maintenance pool area, because they don’t need much upkeep other than an occasional sweeping.

Adding a lounge area or fire pit. What good is a pool if you don’t have space to relax around it? Installing a pool patio with a lounge area or a fire pit is a great way to move the party into one central area. You can swim during the day and relax and roast marshmallows when the temperature cools down.

Changing the pool’s coping. Over time, your pool’s coping—found around the edge—may become faded and worn. Replace your old coping with a new one made of natural stone, brick, or stamped concrete for a polished look.

Why Hire a Landscaping Company for Pool Area Refurbishing?

When you’re looking to give your pool area a facelift, it only seems natural to call pool builders. But before you pick up the phone, there are a couple things you should keep in mind—first, the landscaping usually costs more than the pool itself, and secondly, the majority of the gorgeous, luxurious pools you see on Pinterest and Houzz were designed by a landscaping company, not a pool installer. So, really, hiring a landscape company for pool refurbishing is your best choice!

Whether you want plantings, small trees, and a waterfall for a lagoon-like environment or a lavish, high-end area with synthetic turf, landscape lighting, and an entertaining area, Four Seasons can help. We have experience with all types of pool area landscaping projects.Contact us for pool area refurbishing in the Washington, DC metro area!

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