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Professional Landscape Design in Montgomery Village

professional landscaping in Montgomery Village, MD. A landscaped yard.

When choosing a landscape design in Montgomery Village, you don’t have to settle. At Four Seasons Landscaping we guarantee we can give you the landscape design of your dreams, whether you dream of a tranquil spot to relax or a party hub. What makes landscape design in Montgomery Village so amazing is that with ample space and quality soil, your options are virtually endless.

So what goes into a good landscape design?  Many homeowners in Montgomery Village prefer a design that includes both hardscaping and softscaping to create one cohesive outdoor living space. Your landscape design will be completely custom, and you’ll be working with the best landscape designers in the area.

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The Best Landscape Designs in Montgomery Village, MD

a montgomery village landscape design with outdoor fireplace with grill and chimney

The best landscape designs in Montgomery Village incorporate both hard materials, like pavers, and soft materials, like flowers and trees. Hardscaping includes any elements that are not organic, including:

Softscaping includes any organic matter, including


Your Montgomery Village landscape design should use a combination of these components to create one cohesive look.

Our Landscape Design Process

Our landscape design process begins with a complimentary design consultation at your home. We bring our years of experience and expertise to the table to help get your vision of the perfect landscape on paper. As a local company, we know the area and the growth conditions in Montgomery Village like the back of our hand. This means we can always help make the best decisions about grading, soil, plant life, and drainage.

After we see your property, we’ll draft a landscape design that includes all the details, down to grade shots and drainage placement. Then our landscapers will get to work putting together all the pieces—the plants, the lights, the retaining walls, the walkways, and more. Throughout the landscaping process, you will be in constant contact with one of our seasoned project managers, so you will never be left wondering what the status of your landscape architecture project is.

Backyard Landscape Design

backyard landscape design in montgomery village, maryland with paver patio

It’s common for backyards in Montgomery Village to be landscaped, but only a few really make the most of their space. We can transform your plain backyard into a creative outdoor living area complete with an outdoor kitchen, a zen garden, a pond and waterfall;  you name it, we can make it happen.  Whatever your backyard landscaping design needs are, we can make them a reality.

Front Yard Landscape Design

front yard landscape design in montgomery village

Nothing says “Welcome!” in Montgomery County like a beautifully landscaped front yard. Welcome guests to your home with flowerbeds overflowing with bright blooms and well-lit paths. If you don’t want high-maintenance front yard landscaping, we can give you that, too! We can frame your driveway or front walk with perennial shrubbery that’s low-maintenance but still makes a statement.

If you have a hilly front yard, we will incorporate terracing in your landscape design to help prevent erosion and create more surface room for gorgeous flowers and plants.

Create the Yard of Your Dreams with Our Landscape Designers in Montgomery Village

With professional landscape design in Montgomery Village you can be sure to have exactly what you want in a way that complements your home and your unique yard. Ready to take the first step toward a beautiful landscape design? When it comes to your dream yard—whether it features an extravagant outdoor kitchen and mini waterfall or a small patio with many different plants and flowers—we can help. If you live in the Montgomery Village area, call Four Seasons today to schedule your landscape design consultation!


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