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Retaining Walls in Kensington, MD

Homeowners who contend with a sloped landscape face unique challenges in Kensington. The possibility of sinkholes, piling dirt, and even erosion can de serious harm to your home and landscape. To remedy this issue, add security and function to your landscape with a retaining wall!

A custom retaining wall can also provide much more than some additional safety. Designs can span from elegant to rustic, built to suit and enhance the overall appeal of your space. Tie together and improve the aesthetics of your landscape while also providing proof against harm with the assistance of the skilled experts at Four Seasons! Not sure what you’re looking for? A glance at our photo gallery may provide some interesting insight.

Schedule your appointment for a retaining wall consultation today! Our team will meet you directly to examine and diagnose trouble areas. We’ll make recommendations based on years of building retaining walls, and provide you with a superior solution!

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Why Install a Retaining Wall?

There are many reasons to install a retaining wall, including:

  • Preventing erosion: retaining walls are designed to support changes in elevation on your property and to prevent soil from slipping.
  • Landscape stability: sometimes builders and landscapers will use retaining walls to help build infrastructural stability around your home.
  • Aesthetic reasons: retaining walls can also be installed for purely aesthetic reasons such as accentuating tiered landscaping.
  • Functionality of an outdoor space: retaining walls can provide extra usable space where you can set up an outdoor table and chair set, a swing or even an additional small garden.

Our experts take all aspects of a retaining wall into account, ensuring yours is fully capable of handling healthy landscape drainage, water runoff, and we even consider the freeze/thaw cycles of our later seasons. We do this to ensure that your gorgeous retaining wall in Kensington Estates will be built to last, and our craftsmen can provide a swift and perfect installation every time, guaranteed. Our guarantee is so strong, in fact, that we ensure a minimum of seven years of perfect service from it!

Retaining Wall Design in the Kensington Area

Do you want a multi-level retaining wall? Curved or straight? There are several aspects to think about before you install retaining walls. If you’re not sure, Four Seasons can help you choose one that complements your yard and stylistic tastes.

There are a variety of materials to choose from when it comes to your retaining wall design. No matter how you want your retaining wall to look, our landscape designers will make sure it fits seamlessly into the style of your yard. We invite you to work with us to give you a completely one-of-a-kind look!

Types of Retaining Wall Blocks Used in Kensington

One of the best things about building retaining walls in Kensington is that the options are almost endless. Retaining walls can be designed with a variety of different materials, including versatile and colorful segmented blocks or handsome and rustic natural stone. You can use old railroad ties, natural stone, and even concrete! We install both stone and modular block retaining walls, including:

  • Bricks
  • Natural Stone
  • Stamped concrete blocks
  • Pavers
  • And more!

You home’s architecture, landscape design, and type of slope or hill will all determine which type of retaining wall blocks are best for you. A seasoned Four Seasons designer will walk you through the process of choosing the best type of retaining wall block for you.

Retaining Walls for Garden Edging

Ever feel like there’s something missing in your yard? You’ve landscaped, but it doesn’t look quite right. A retaining wall doesn’t have to be for landscapes on a hill. Using retaining walls for garden edging is extremely popular in the Kensington, Maryland area. When you use a retaining wall for garden edging you are adding a stylistic feature that keeps mulch and debris off of your walkways or yards, and adds aesthetic appeal.

Just like any retaining wall on your property, they type of retaining wall blocks you use for your garden edging will change based on the style of your garden and the ultimate purpose.

If you want to enhance your control over your landscaping design with retaining wall construction in the Kensington, Maryland area, contact the retaining wall builders at Four Seasons today!

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