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At Four Seasons Landscaping, it is our personal mission to offer the absolute best in landscaping services. Our team presents only the highest in quality, service and skill in handling your home projects, and complete satisfaction is our number one goal. Allow us the pleasure of assisting you in creating the landscape of your dreams, with one or many of our featured landscaping services.

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Landscape Design

Your landscape reflects your personality and tastes, and is an embodiment of what you find appealing, serene and beautiful. Do you dream of gorgeous flowers, unique trees and foliage, and exotic plant life? Or perhaps you want to create distinct and dignified retaining walls, and striking custom walkways.


Is your existing driveway in need of a fix, or perhaps a complete replacement? Four Seasons offers exceptional options, from tried and true asphalt to unique and flavorful natural cut stone. Transform your driveway from drab and boring to a masterful feature of your gorgeous landscape with Four Seasons!


Brick, concrete pavers, and stone. Patios are as versatile as their owners, and should reflect your tastes. Four Seasons offers the very best in patio design and installation, providing you with the tools necessary to create something truly unique.


The plant life of your home can be vibrant and stunning, with colors that stand out and play lead to your landscape design. Or it can be simple and structured, providing balance and definition to the aspects you prefer to take precedence. Our nursery utilizes the strongest specimen-grade seedlings to cultivate exceptional plant life.

Water Features

Do you dream of bubbling waterfalls and koi-filled ponds in your ideal garden? Four Seasons can provide the ultimate in water features for your landscape, completing the aquatic fantasy you crave. We offer pondless waterfalls, koi ponds, and much, much more!

Fire Pits & Outdoor Kitchens

If your ideal evening involves a gorgeous fire and equally stunning fire pit, we have what you need to make that wish a reality. Our outdoor fireplaces and fire pits can match any tastes, providing you with a quiet addition, or a stunning centerpiece for your patio or garden.

Are you keen on entertaining guest, or cozy and romantic outdoor dinners? Complete your concept of a perfect evening with our custom outdoor kitchens. With the options available at Four Seasons, your outdoor kitchen can be created to your exact specifications!

Retaining Walls

Don’t allow slopes in your landscape to put a damper on your landscape design plans. Four Seasons provides excellent options in retaining walls, designed to support the changes in elevation of your landscape while still providing aesthetic appeal.

Landscape Lighting

Low-intensity lighting designed to softly accentuate your landscape design, and at the same time provide visibility for your evening soiree. Sound good? Four Seasons can provide this and more, with our landscape lighting services.

Decks and Porches

A deck or porch installed to meet your standards may be just the thing to complete your ideal landscape design. We offer numerous solutions to suit your specific tastes and needs, ensuring you get exactly what you wanted from a porch or deck.

Synthetic Turf

Do you want a gorgeous lawn that requires minimal maintenance and is highly versatile? Consider the use of our synthetic turf landscaping services! Artificial grass boasts numerous benefits, and provides a long life of eye-catching service.

Snow Removal

Keeping your drives and lots clear of snow and ice can be a daunting task in the winter months. Fear of injury and risk can present a real threat for home and business owners alike, and to address this Four Seasons offers our exceptional snow removal and plowing services.

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Ready to take the first step toward a beautiful landscape design? When it comes to your dream yard—whether it features an extravagant outdoor kitchen and mini waterfall or a small patio with many different plants and flowers—we can help. A professional landscape architecture team is all you need to create a beautiful custom yard tailored to fit your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. If you live in the Montgomery County, Maryland area, call Four Seasons today to schedule your free landscape design consultation!

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