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Worried About Accidents and Skinned Knees by the Pool This Summer?

Use these Three Solutions to Make Summer Fun Safe and Slip-Proof!

Pool season is definitely in, and we’re all about having a good time on your pool patios this year. Taking steps to ensure pool time is both fun and safe should definitely be a top priority. Nothing ruins a great afternoon like a busted knee! Use these three very effective methods of making your pool area slip-resistant, most of which are quick, easy and aesthetically sound.

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Artificial Turf Installations

Installing artificial turf to your pool deck is a great way to add safety to the area, satisfying the need for caution in a way that is visually appealing. Turf can make your pool patio look more natural, has no issues with getting wet, and is durable enough to handle the wear and tear of a high traffic area.

Benefits of using turf:

  • Durable. Poolside turf usually lasts up to a possible twenty or so years, negating the need for costly replacements and upkeep.
  • Safe. Turf is a soft, friction-resistant surface, that is hypoallergenic and non-toxic
  • Low-maintenance. Turf products need little in the way of care, requiring minimal cleaning, and no more than cursory upkeep at most.
  • Quick installation. A professional can have your pool patios decked out with a fresh coat of turf in no time.

Add texture

Adding texture to a deck is a great way to add some no-slip properties.  Texture increases the ability of someone to grip to the surface, and can be created in a few ways. If you have a concrete deck, you can apply a layer of new concrete over your deck and texture it with a push broom or rake. Choosing types of stone pavers with lots of texture is also a great idea, because not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they offer a great no-slip surface. With natural stone, you may need to treat it with a non-slip finish to prevent mold growth or chlorine damage.

Benefits of adding texture:

  • Little upkeep. Other than applying a finishing coating, there isn’t much you need to do.
  • Versatile: You can create texture in a variety of ways, including pavers, raking concrete, and choosing a naturally textures natural stone.
  • Natural: adding texture doesn’t change the look of your pool patio. It looks natural and blends into the rest of the area.

Rubber Mats

For pool owners on a budget or just looking for a quick fix, a set of rubber mats can get you the safety you need. Rubber mats are not a perfect solution, as they only cover a small area (unless we’re talking about one really big mat).

Benefits of rubber mats:

  • Quick. Snag a few mats and plop them down. Can’t get much quicker than that. This is a good stopgap solution while you consider a more effective and permanent option.  
  • Cost-effective. Mats aren’t going to run you too much, and are readily available at many stores.

Prioritize Safety on Your Pool Patios

Regardless of which option you choose, any one of these options could save you or your family from some unwanted knee to ground contact. Don’t put safety aside this summer, get started on making your poolside party safe!

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