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A beautiful backyard firepit area surrounded by seating and a stone bench

Small Yard Landscaping for a Beautiful Front Lawn in Maryland, DC & Northern VA

Posted on: June 19, 2015

Let’s face it—space in Bethesda, Maryland is limited, and large front yards are a luxury few can afford. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a gorgeous area to welcome you and visitors into your home. With just a bit of creativity and expertise, you can turn the ordinary, extraordinary.

Want a beautiful front yard but don’t have the time to dig it up, add stone features, and plant flowers? Contact Four Seasons Landscaping for services in Bethesda!

Tips for Landscaping Small Front Lawns

Great front yard landscaping tips does not mean spending top-dollar to get that million-dollar look, expensive pathways, and those beautiful but rare plantings. There are virtually unlimited ideas to attaining your home’s curb appeal using these shared features.

  • Think about your home as a shirt and the front yard a collar; make it as beautiful as it can be. A small front yard is always desirable, easy-to-craft and complements the house’s façade, leaving that much-needed retouch to leave your guests with utter amazement.
  • Go bold with colors and feel free to express your brilliance and creativity as well as your unique front yard landscaping thinking capabilities. You can choose to create a pattern of vibrant colors to cover different parts of the front yard; sidewalks, driveways, fences, hedges, etc. The best feature of being personal is not because of the unique look adopted in your yard, but the best use of available resources.
  • That excellent front yard landscaping idea borrowed from among the leading landscaping firms today include a cool, Asian-inspired garden. With many different flowers, small trees, and an expertly designed pathway, the Zen oasis is as good as hosting a small arboretum within your paradise.
  • While a well-kept yard is smart, a grassy lawn is not a component of a great front yard landscaping plan since grassy doesn’t typically translate to being classy. Your home ought to be your haven, and the front yard must bring that aura of relaxation while maintaining the beauty and appreciation of nature.
  • You can go ahead and make the seating area attractive by adding some pomp and glamor. Think about using those modern container plantings that typically offer a beautiful bloom, and choosing few outstanding pots and colorful stones to complete the beauty. Since the area will be hosting parties, networking events, and get-togethers, trying to utilize the very little space is welcome albeit the décor.

Landscape Your Small Lawn in Bethesda

You don’t have to worry about doing all this yourself. You can always hire a Bethesda landscaping company to do the framework, then plant the flowers yourself. Have us install your Zen garden, and then add little touches like a rake and smooth, dark rocks. Four Seasons has a team of experienced and reputable front yard landscaping experts and have a reputation of creating something from nothing. Contact us today!

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