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How to Start on a Landscape Design for Your Olney Home

Posted on: November 14, 2016

landscape design in Olney, MD with paver patio

Landscape design in Olney can be one of the greatest joys of being a homeowner. The opportunity to build something that completely reflects our wants, needs, and personality, and doing it with our own two hands. It’s a very unique experience, and one that most of us treasure. But if you’re new to landscaping, or looking to start fresh, you might be running against some trouble. Where do you start?

Looking for some tips on how to get your dream landscape design going in Olney, MD? Let the professionals at Four Seasons Landscaping help!

Beginning Your Dream Landscape

The process may differ from person to person. For the most part, it all comes down to what you’re looking for in a landscape. What you plan to be using it for, or what you would like to see come the spring. But for the basics, start with these:

  • Create a list of your wants and needs. Do you have kids, and plan on incorporating some outdoor play space? Do you need some pet specific features? Will you have a patio? Lay out these basic wants and needs first, that way you can move forward knowing that you’ve got all of your most critical bases covered before you start breaking dirt.
  • Make a simple plan. When planning your initial design, start with hardscaping first. Landscape landmarks and structures are much harder to shift around, so it’s a good idea to lay them out first and work to incorporate the rest of your design. This also gives you a solid focal point to start seeing your ideas come to life.
  • Plan some plants. The vibrancy and diversity of your plants is going to be the beating heart of your landscape. Learn a bit about what grows well in our area, and start putting together some ideas that suit your tastes.
  • Now wait. No one likes to stop once they get started. Landscaping in Olney is exciting, and you can get caught up in the groove really easily. But next thing you know you’ve lost sight of your plan, and now you’ve got a hodge-podge mess of mixed ideas. After you’ve laid out a plan, give yourself a week or two to think it over. You want your landscape to be perfect, so be sure you have what you really want when you get started!
  • Enlist professional help. Hardscape, softscape, soil; there are tons of factors to take into account when planning your dream landscape. Literally hundreds of plants grow well in our area. There are tens of unique patio materials to choose from. Get where we’re going here? Professional landscape teams have years of experience with all of it, and expert knowledge is a truly excellent resource when it comes to landscaping and landscape design.

Landscape Design in Olney, MD with Four Seasons

You don’t have to go it all alone, pick our brains and let us help you build the beautiful landscape you’ve always wanted! To learn more about our landscape design in Olney, or to enlist the help of our professional design team, reach out to us today!

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