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Travertine Driveways in Maryland, DC & Northern VA

Are you considering a travertine driveway? Do you want to know more about the material first? If you’re in the Montgomery, Howard, or Frederick County, Maryland area, Four Seasons Landscaping can help!

What is Travertine?

Travertine is a mineral made of calcium carbonate layers through the accumulation of calcite, often found in hot springs. There are many porous holes in the stone where water used to flow through it. Because it is formed near hot springs, travertine usually requires a synthetic glaze to seal the holes from the water. Travertine is commonly known as a type of marble, but because of its porous nature, travertine actually poses more similarities with a material like limestone. Sometimes travertine is referred to as Onyx, but note that these are two entirely different materials and travertine is a much softer stone.

Travertine is used in a variety of spaces, comes in many varieties and is available in many finishes. Often travertine is banded or layered. Because of its durability, it is often an ideal choice for interior areas in the home that have a lot of foot traffic such as the kitchen or bathroom. Coincidentally, its durability also makes it a great material for driveways!

Travertine is Natural

Travertine is a natural stone of the earth – it can take millions of years to produce one single slab of travertine.  Like marble, travertine has many veins of color and texture that run through it, making each piece of stone unique and making it a popular choice for one-of-a-kind home improvement projects – including driveways!

Travertine is Design-Friendly

Perhaps one of the greatest features of travertine is its beauty! Travertine comes in a variety of colors, patterns and in pastel shades of almost any hue. No two pieces are quite alike. This along with the dozens of glaze options and finishes allow you to create a truly unique driveway to compliment your landscaping features.  You can also consider arranging travertine in many different patterns.  All in all, if you’re looking for a unique driveway material, then absolutely consider travertine driveways! View our driveway gallery photos for travertine driveway ideas and inspiration.

Travertine is one of most unique, yet less-known, materials in the world of stone. Although few people have heard of it, it’s a great option to consider when paving your driveway. If you’re in Maryland, don’t wait to contact Four Seasons Landscaping for more information about your very own travertine driveway!

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