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Before & After Waterfall Construction: Wychullis

waterfall-construction-beforeDo you enjoy the tranquility of a serene and captivating waterfall? We transformed this steep, barren hill into a lavish and upscale waterfall. If you’re in the Maryland area and want to construct a waterfall in your yard, check this out!

Waterfall Construction: Before

After a thorough look at the backyard, we decided the steep hill against the home was the perfect place for a waterfall. When constructing a waterfall, it’s best to create a natural flow of water using gravity—you’ll need less material, have a much easier waterfall construction process, and save money!

Waterfall Construction: After

We used our hand-crafted stone to construct the waterfall. For a more symmetrical design, we created two waterfalls instead of one.

We started by digging a large hole for the pond, using a combination of stone and cement to line it. We then stacked the stones, adhering them to each other as the structure grew taller.  This created our basic shape of a waterfall and pond. We also installed a concrete block behind the waterfall to support it.

waterfall-construction-afterUsing a tubing pipe, we channeled water from the pond to the top of the waterfall.  This line created the illusion of falling water. We added some more stone to hide the tubing.

Our final step was planting the appropriate vegetation and flowers to enhance the waterfall’s visual appeal. We also filled the pond with water. By choosing smaller shrubs and adding a few pops of color, this waterfall looks like a backyard paradise!

Whether you’re remodeling an existing structure or starting fresh, we’re one of the best landscaping companies in Maryland for all your waterfall construction and design needs.  Learn more about our waterfall construction services here.

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