Softscaping in Montgomery County, Maryland

Once you have laid out all of the hardscaping you want in your new landscape design (patios, walkways, swimming pools, etc.) it’s time to choose the softscaping (plant life) that will go along with it! No landscape is complete without the shrubs and plants that add unique character and personality to your home’s property.


Quality Nursery Plants, Bushes & Flowers: The Four Seasons Nursery

At Four Seasons Landscaping and Nursery, we hand select all of our plants from a variety of growers to ensure the highest quality. We even have our own plant nursery that you are invited to visit and select from our own outstanding collection of bushes, flowers, shrubs, and trees. We know which plant species do well in our climate and which ones struggle, and we only select plants from growers who share a climate closely matching our own. This way, our nursery plants are not overly stressed during transplantation.

The type of soil you have will play a large part in choosing the right nursery plants. Read our blog post on types of soil and get a head start on the plants and flowers that will work best!

Garden Design & Landscaping Services

Where should that flowerbed go so it gets the most sunlight and accents your paver patio? Our landscape designers can answer that question and many more with our landscaping services. Not only will we help choose the right nursery plants, but we will also help pick the right combination of softscaping and hardscaping to create your dream yard.

A few of the garden design ideas we will bring to the table are:

  • Flower beds
  • Accent plantings
  • Trees
  • Pool area landscaping
  • Ponds and water features
  • And much, much more!

We can create a whimsical backyard garden or a tropical flower paradise—whatever your vision is, we will help create it! Your yard should be an accent to your home, and a place to relax and get away from the stress of everyday life. Create your space with flowers, trees, and the help of our landscaping services!


Add Softscaping to Your Home in Montgomery County, MD

Whether you want to decorate the area around your walkway, add a lush environment around your pond or waterfall, or set up a small garden on a landscape tier held back by a retaining wall, call Four Seasons. We have a reputation for installing larger plants that offer an immediate impact on your property.

Not only are all out nursery plants cultivated for this climate, but we also guarantee all of our plants for one year with no questions asked! Not sure what it is you want? No problem! Our landscape designers will help you decide on the garden design best for your lifestyle.

There’s nothing like having your own retreat, and landscaped trees and flowerbeds add the perfect finishing touches to your newly designed yard.

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