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Before & After Landscaping Renovations

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Landscaping Glossary

Aeration, Aerator

The process of changing soil so more oxygen can enter, usually by using an aerator, which is a machine that pulls cores from the ground. In Portland we will normally be discussing aerating a lawn that is having trouble taking in soil and water.


Fractured or rounded stone used as a footing, sub-base, or decorative surface. The most common aggregates in Portland landscapes are 1/4”- gravel and pea gravel.


A plant that flowers and dies in one season (think pansies). You would normally purchase an annual just as it begins to flower and then remove it once it is done, or perhaps as seeds. We very rarely include annuals in our landscape designs, preferring perennials.


A garden structure generally used to support climbing plants or vines. They can be part of a fence, gate, or free standing.


Basically a tree doctor that is trained in the care and maintenance of trees. The City of Portland has a good guide to working with an arborist, and these are the “tree guys” we trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

A paver lifespan hinges primarily on what material it’s made out of. Four Seasons primarily installs porous concrete pavers. Not only do these have the maximum durability, but they also can be made to look like other stones, maintaining style while maximizing functionality. If well-maintained, our concrete Techo-Bloc pavers can last between 30 – 50 years.

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