Tree Installation In Maryland, DC & Northern VA

Planting a tree is a wonderful act. You’re giving something to the earth and to future generations. A tree is a living legacy. Four Seasons Landscaping is here to help you enhance the beauty of your property with a tree installation or preserve the integrity of a cherished plant by transplanting a tree. These leafy beauties need careful attention, and they can be damaged by ineffective DIY planting.


Tree Installation And Transplanting

The best time to plant a tree is during the dormant season; in Maryland, that would be in fall after the leaves begin to turn or in early spring after the frosts have ceased.

Nursery farms’ balled and burlapped trees lose a small amount of their root system and can suffer “transplant shock” after relocation to your property. That’s why proper site selection, preparation, and maintenance are critical for your new tree planting.

Steps to Tree Planting

  • Increased home value
  • Dig a hole 3-5 times wider than the root ball and only as deep as the root ball.
  • Remove containers.
  • Place tree and straighten.
  • Fill in the hole, gently but firmly.
  • Stake the tree if needed.
  • Apply mulch at the base of the tree.
  • Water the tree at least once a week and more often during hot/windy weather.

When Choosing Where To Plant My Tree, Is One Location Better Or Worse Than Others?

You’ve likely surveyed your land and have a few ideas where you’d like to install or transplant your tree. But many people forget to inspect two very important areas.
We tell our tree-planting friends and neighbors, “Look up.” Then, “Look down.” Overhead utility lines may not pose a problem this year or next, but as your tree grows, will it encounter wires above? Knowing where your underground utility lines run is crucial to your – and your tree’s – safety. Know that before you dig.

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