The Best Plants To Use for Your Winter Landscaping


4 Outdoor Holiday Lighting Ideas

Landscaping can be unique and interesting all winter long, but this late in the year, it’s all about the holidays. Looking for some new and exciting ways to light up your landscape? Then you’ve come to the right people. At Four Seasons Landscaping, we’re big on festivities and more than happy to impart a bit of insight.

Lighting For A Good Holiday Landscape

Part of the spirit of the season is finding new and exciting toys and fixtures. So we’ll let you do some of your own exploring in that regard. Instead, let’s focus on concepts and design options:

1. Don't ignore the foreground - One of the biggest mistakes we see in holiday lighting (although mistake might be too harsh a term — decorating is somewhat subjective, after all) is only lighting the house itself. Sticking to the traditional roof and door lighting is a good standby, but if you don’t light the rest of your yard, your home looks less like a festive hub of joy.

2. Shine with path lighting - Creative path and driveway lighting is an excellent way to get some life into the rest of your landscape. Strands threaded into path decorations, paper luminary bags, little lit-up snowmen — you decide!


Quick Holiday Safety Tips

The fastest way to ruin any holiday, injuries can be a real threat when hanging holiday lights. Consider these when you start decorating this year:

  • 1. Use LED lights – Light emitting diodes use a tenth of the energy of a traditional lightbulb, and they generate no heat. That means less risk of your wreath becoming kindling or your awning going up in unfortunate flames. Plus, they’re cheaper to run!
  • 2. Get a solid ladder – The importance of a solid ladder cannot be stressed enough. Get one that anchors solidly to the ground that’s tall enough.
  • 3. Employ light anchors – Staples and nails not only mark up your roof and damage a good paint job, but they’re also a pain to take out at year’s end. Light hooks or lighting anchors are faster, safer, cheaper, and can be reused every year.

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