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The Best Plants To Use for Your Winter Landscaping

Turn Your Yard Into a Winter Wonderland

Winter is a magical time of year but can also be drab and dreary. However, with a little bit of planning and creativity, you can create a winter landscape that’s both beautiful and inviting.

How to Prepare Your Yard for Snow

We will discuss tips for winter landscaping and highlight some of the best plants for your winter landscape in Maryland, DC, and Virginia.

Tips for Winter Landscaping

Transforming your flowerbed and garden makes a huge difference in curb appeal, especially when adding color and interesting textures. The following ideas work well in unpredictable DC weather to spruce up your winter landscaping:

Focus on visually distinctive bark

Add interest to your winter landscape by focusing on plants with visually interesting bark. This can include trees and shrubs with exfoliating, textured, or colorful bark. Vibrant options include river birch, paperbark maple, and redtwig dogwood.

Incorporate Plants With Berries

Mix plants with berries to bring a pop of color and interest to your winter landscape. This can include holly bushes and crabapples, which add a pop of color and attract winter birds.

Mix Up the Colors of Your Evergreens

Give your landscape some depth with the colors of your evergreens. Instead of just planting one type of evergreen, try including shades of green, blue, and gold.

Incorporate Four-Season Perennials

These are plants that have foliage or bloom in wintertime. Some great options include the hellebore, witch hazel, and winter aconite.

Add Unique Design Touches and Refresh Your Planters

Update your flower pots with cold-weather-loving annuals to brighten your home’s exterior. Then, add a garden bench, trellis, sculpture, or outdoor landscape lighting for a finishing touch.

tree plantings in Maryland

Best Plants for Winter Landscaping

Depending on your plant hardiness zone, you have many options for refreshing your winter garden. If you live in DC, Maryland, or Virginia, your hardiness zone is either 6 or 7. Remember those numbers when you head to the plant nursery! For zones 6 and 7, we recommend these winter plants, shrubs, and grasses:

  • Winter blooms: Some great plants bloom in the winter, including jasmine, witch hazel, and hellebore.
  • Evergreen foliage: Your choices for this region are boxwood, juniper, and holly.
  • Colorful bark & stems: Dogwood, willow, and redtwig dogwood plants feature colorful bark and stems.
  • Berrying shrubs & trees: Get ready for holly, crabapple, and winterberry to grow quickly once planted.
  • Distinctive shapes & colors: If you’re looking for leaves that are distinctive shapes and colors, try the dwarf Alberta spruce, paperbark maple, and Japanese Pieris.
  • Ornamental winter grasses: Blue oat grass, feather reed grass, and Karl Foerster feather reed grass are sure to add visual excitement to your landscaping.

Make Your House Feel Like a Home With Four Seasons Landscaping

Winter landscaping can greatly add interest and beauty to your garden during the colder months. By focusing on plants with visually interesting bark, incorporating plants with berries, mixing up the colors of your evergreens, and adding unique design touches, we can create a winter landscape that is both beautiful and inviting.

If you want professional help, Four Seasons Landscaping is the best choice, with 20 years of experience creating stunning winter landscapes in Maryland, DC, and Virginia.

For stunning winter landscaping design, construction, and installation services, trust Four Seasons Landscaping. Call (240) 252-4807 or contact us online to get started. 


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